Everyone deserves a place to self discover. Some people find it a million miles away on a mountain top alone with nothing but their thoughts. Other people can achieve that in a studio being vulnerable with a stranger.

The greatest thing about boudoir is that it isn’t one thing to any one person. For me it’s about self-expression. For some of my clients, it has been about taking their power back. For even more, it has been learning something new about themselves.

No matter the reason, if you’re interested, just do it. Otherwise, you may think back and wonder what if?


  1. Shoot me an e-mail! Once you fill out my contact form, you’ll be redirected to my online pricing guide. Take a look at that & I’ll respond to your e-mail within 24-48 hours.

  2. Once we speak, you’ll sign your contract and pay your fees and that’ll put you officially on the books! You have pre-payment options as well as the option to choose a session with an ordering session at the end.

  3. We’ll keep in contact as little or as much as you need up until the date. Spend this time practicing some major self care, being in a good headspace helps so much during your session!

  4. We have your session! You’ll spend 1.5 hours in the make-up chair and another 1.5 hours in front of my camera. If you choose to have an ordering session, you’ll have it that day.

  5. 2-3 weeks from ordering you’ll have your product in hand!



First thing’s first

your booking fee

To book your session, you pay $350. The $350 provides you with professional hair & make-up, it secures your date, & this fee is applied towards any products/packages you decide to purchase.



Packages & A La Carte

tailored for you

Clients typically spend between $1500-$3500 for a beautiful leather album of their images along with high-resolution digital images. 

"Boudie shorts" are available on a limited basis for $850. They provide less time in the studio and photographer chosen images.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to share my images?
Nope! Everyone you see on this website gave me explicit permission. You can sign a full release to share everything, a partial release to share only non-identifiable images, or no release to share nothing.

Can you edit “XYZ” thing?
If it wouldn’t be there in two weeks, I will remove it. However, the whole point of a boudoir session is helping celebrate your body. I won’t alter it other than some skin smoothing and blemish removing. It’s the mark of a good boudoir photographer to pose you in flattering ways while still showing you off.

I dont’t know what to wear, can you help?
I have a client closet that you can choose from that is ever growing. In addition, your client guide has some advice of good places to look! In general stay away from things that hide your shape like teddies. They’re super comfy but aren’t super flattering! Bodysuits are a must and t-shirts/tank tops and garter belts are always great.